Pocket Wilderness Wash


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Stay fresh wherever you go

Wilderness Wash is available as a Pocket Wilderness Wash with 50 leaves of dry soap per pack. Wilderness Wash Pocket Soap is gentle on fabrics and skin but effective on dishes and laundry stains. It is biodegradable and fragrance-free. Just put a leaf or two in your palm, add water and work into a lather. Use it in accordance with Leave No Trace principles (see below) and it is gentle on the environment, too.

Camping, travel, hiking, backpacking


TSA Compliant


  • 50 dry soap leaves in each palm-sized pack
  • Not a liquid, so it's perfect for carry-on luggage when traveling by plane
  • Use only as much as you need and the rest stays dry
  • Biodegradable and fragrance free
  • Safe for personal use, pots, pans, clothes or any outdoor gear 
  • Will not harm the environment when used in accordance with Leave No Trace principles

Technical Features

This certification comes from the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, which protects the environment by teaching and inspiring people to enjoy the outdoors responsibly. Properly used, Sea to Summit Leave No Trace products will not only improve your experience in the backcountry, they will help you tread lighter in the wilderness.


Applies to liquid care products under 3.3 fluid ounces (100ml), and to the ‘leaves’ of Pocket Soap and Pocket Care products. Pack the liquids in an appropriate (1 quart / 1 liter) see-through bag, and you’re good to go through airport security.


Can it also be used to clean wool or technical fabrics?
Yes. This Wilderness Wash is a non-detergent formula that won't harm wool or degrade water-resistant technical fabrics / DWR finishes. Just make sure to rinse well after washing.

Can the soap be used as detergent in a washing machine?
Yes and no. It's designed for washing clothes in a sink (one or two leaves in 1–2 gallons of water), so you would need 10–25 leaves for a load in a washing machine that uses 20–50 gallons of water. However, landromat washing machines have plenty of soap residue, so 5–6 leaves may work for a small load.

Can this soap be used in lakes and streams?
No. While this wash is biodegradable and able to break down through biological action and UV, it will harm aquatic life if used directly in streams, ponds, and lakes. Practice Leave No Trace and dispose of waste water 200ft / 70m from any water source.


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