Secure Tag Holder V2 - Black


SKU: 277606

The Muc-Off Secure Tag Holder 2.0 offers a secure way to install an AirTag tracker* to your bicycle frame using the bottle cage mounting holes, so you can track down your bike in the event of theft, and can locate it using the Find My iPhone App.

Your AirTag tracker will be housed in a machined, aircraft-grade 6061 aluminium body, that’s supplied with 2 sets of T25 security Torx bolts and a security key for an extra level of protection against theft.

Secure Tag Holder 2.0 now features slotted bottle cage mounts which are designed to work with most existing standard bottle cage mounts (64mm spacing) and offer more adjustability.


  • Easy to install
  • Can be used with or without an existing bottle cage
  • Slotted bottle cage mounts are designed to work with most existing standard bottle cage mounts (64mm spacing) and offer more adjustability
  • Supplied with 2 x T25 x 25mm and 2 x T25 x 16mm security Torx bolts and 1 x security key
  • Ideally suited to high populous areas such as city centres
  • Durable, precision machined, 6061 aluminium body
  • Non-rattle design to hold AirTag* securely in place
  • Available in 12 anodized colours to match your Muc-Off Tubeless Valves or Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plug

* AirTag not included with mount

How To

  1. Unscrew the base plate using a 2.5mm hex key on the two bolts.
  2. Ensure your AirTag is connected to your iPhone app then place the AirTag into the housing, battery side first, with the white antenna side facing toward the base plate.
  3. Ensure the polymer insert is snapped into place on the inside of the aluminium door surround.
  4. Reinstall and tighten the base plate hex bolts until there is no movement in the base plate or AirTag housed inside. Caution – do not over tighten base plate bolts.
  5. If you are using with a bottle cage, remove your bottle cage and existing bolts.
  6. Using the security key supplied, line up AirTag Mount for the bottle cage with your bottle cage holes then place the bottle cage on top.
  7. Select the correct length security Torx bolts for your set up and then place them through each hole in the top of the bottle cage then through AirTag Mount and thread into place. (Always apply our Bio Grease to the threads of the bolts and follow your frames manufacturer's recommended torque setting for tightening the bottle cage bolts).
  8. Tighten until the bottle cage and Secure Tag Holder are secure.
  9. If you are using without a bottle cage simply follow steps 5-7 above but use the shorter security bolts supplied.
  10. Go Ride!

What's Included

  • 1x AirTag Holder (AirTag not included - sold seperately)
  • 2 x T25 x 25mm security Torx bolts>
  • 2 x T25 x 16mm security Torx bolts
  • 1 x Security Key