BIGBOY 2000 (XL Teeth) Extra blade


SKU: 238532

Folding handsaw by Silky, XL Teeth.

Replacement blade only.

Silky Saws BIGBOY 2000 (XL Teeth) Extra blade:

  • BIGBOY 2000 (XL Teeth) Extra blade from Silky Saws is a wonderful spare blade providing the best possible cutting results, with its easily detachable mechanism and durability, it can easily replace any used blades without any fuss.
  • With the safety features of spring-loaded blade lock of BIGBOY 2000 (XL Teeth), it provides an assurance of immunity from various kinds of lacerations or cuts, keeping every finger safe.
  • From our top of the class Bear Necessities tool line up, a great combination of high performance curved blade and comfortable precision in every cut.
  • It is the perfect sized tool to be kept all the time in one's toolbox for an additional cutting job support.
  • With its smooth cutting action and compatibility with any kind of hand carving works, it is capable of providing the most proficient scraping through its tough teethed blades and cutting slit.

Item #: 357-36