SUP-YAK Beach Alu 200 Paddle


SKU: 250977

The SUP-YAK Beach paddle Alu 200 is a quick dismount hybrid paddle ideal for SUP and kayak use. It is lightweight with a carbon fiber shaft and durable, featuring an Easy-Lock adjustment system

Ideal for

SUP-YAK stand-up-paddle version and kayak version


A quick dismount paddle for adults. It is lightweight with a carbon fiber shaft and durable with an Easy Lock adjustment system.

Technical Specs

Specification Detail
Code 108310
Model Beach
Country of Manufacture France
Shaft Material Carbon Fiber
Shaft Type Round
Shaft Length 67-83" / 200-208 cm
Shaft Diameter 30 mm
Adjusting System Vario-Lock
Paddle Grip Fibrylon T-Grip
Paddle Length 200 cm - 208 cm
Blade Width 7" / 176 mm
Paddle Material Aluminium - Fibrylon
Blade Material Fibrylon
Blade Angle 10°
Blade Area 80" / 506 cm²
Blade Length 18" / 464 mm