TK1 Bib Tight (Men's)


SKU: 272398

Cozy brushed fleece, a top-flight Elastic Interface chamois, three pockets and a freedom-enhancing fit - TK1 is the ultimate winter road riding bib tight. Updated for the new season with rider-trimmable hems.


A high-performance bib tight to keep you riding through the cold, with cosy fleece, pockets, plush padding and DWR to keep moisture at bay. The TK1 features tension-free, buttery soft elastic bib straps and Anything Series three-pocket rear storage system for maximum versatility. Unique patterning and articulation prevent fabric bunching at the back of the knee while enhancing freedom of movement throughout your pedal stroke. Large reflective details ensure visibility on the road no matter how inclement the weather.

How to Trim

Wear TK1 at home, and decide first if you have the correct size. If so, go for a ride, and note how much - if at all - the hem needs trimming. Now head home and make a beverage. With a pair of sharp scissors, cut just below the relevant bar tack, taking care not to cut the bar tack itself (or spill the beverage). Now sit back and admire your handiwork - and take your new tights for a spin!


  • Body: 85% nylon, 15% elastane with DWR Chamois: Elastic Interface Mens Performance Force (Made with recycled content)


  • Men’s: 290g


  • 3 Pocket storage system, overshort compatible
  • 45mm soft elastic bib straps
  • Mesh chamois hammock lining
  • Clean Finish Construction
  • Soft brushed knit bib strap junction
  • Large reflective details
  • Clean cut leg hem
  • Articulated leg
  • Trimmable cuffs for customized fit
  • Oek-Tex 100 certified fabric
  • Recycled Chamois Fabric


  • XS - 29 ½” - 75cm
  • S - 30” - 76cm
  • M - 30 ½” - 77.5cm
  • L - 31” - 79cm
  • XL - 31 ½” - 80cm
  • XXL - 32”  - 81cm
  • Hem trimmable by up to 2.5"