Toddler 3mm Full Wetsuit


SKU: 282876

Introducing Xcel's Toddlers Wetsuit, the perfect suit for your little ones who love to play in the water! Designed specifically for toddlers, this wetsuit boasts a 100% high-performance stretch throughout the exterior for maximum flexibility, allowing your child to move and play freely in the water.

The easy access back zip design makes it simple to get your toddler in and out of the wetsuit, and the comfortable and durable flatlock lock construction ensures that the suit will last through all their adventures.

Not only is this wetsuit designed for comfort and durability, it is also eco-friendly. Made from limestone neoprene with an aqua glue process, it is a more sustainable option for parents who care about the environment.

Finally, the engineered fit ensures that the wetsuit will fit your toddler perfectly, providing the best possible experience for them in the water. Don't let the cold water stop your little ones from enjoying the ocean, get them Xcel's Toddlers Wetsuit today!

  • Designed for Toddlers
  • 100% High-Performance stretch throughout exterior for maximum flexibility
  • Easy access back zip design
  • Comfortable and Durable Flatlock Lock construction
  • Eco-Friendly Limestone neoprene with Aqua glue process
  • Engineered Fit

TN30AX19-FTB - Faint Blue