By 45 NRTH

Gravdal Tire - 700x38 Wire Bead, 33 tpi, Studded


SKU: 273614

Grab It All With The Gravdal

There comes a time when you just can't deny yourself another ride because of the winter weather. Be proactive about braving those icy days with the 45Nrth Gravdal Studded Bike Tire. Steel or aluminum carbide studs are grouped in small ovals over the casing to provide unparalleled traction in icy weather. Combine this with siped lugs and low tire pressure, and you'll hook up during braking, acceleration, and cornering like you never thought possible.

These tires feature 33 or 60 tpi casings and a 5 mm reflective stripe on the sidewalls for visibility. Wire bead. Steel or aluminum carbide spikes.


  • 700c x 45mm, 700c x 38mm, and 26" x 2" sizing options
  • Available in 33 or 60 TPI
  • Wirebead clincher
  • 240 steel or aluminum carbide studs provide traction in the iciest conditions
  • 5mm reflective strip for visibility