TS7 Black Glide Wax (-2C / -8C) - 180g


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Racing glide wax Recommended at temperatures from -2°C to -8 degrees.

  • Excellent dry friction properties
  • Dirt repellent
  • Gives good glide in typical winter conditions
  • A good choice on artificial snow.

TS7B is a versatile wax suitable for normal winter conditions below freezing. Its hardness makes it easier to work with and it is easy to achieve a good end result. The black additive reduces friction on cold and contaminated snow.

This is a very popular wax in alpine and cross-country skiing, and has shown good performance on artificial snow, as well as on naturally transformed older snow.

The speed of the waxing iron should be approx. 8-10 seconds for a skating or alpine ski. The wax can be reheated after cooling to room temperature (10 min.) for better durability. It is important to have a good waxing iron in order to melt the wax efficiently.

TS7B can be used as a racing wax alone, but is also often used as a base wax for other racing products.

Recommended waxing iron temperature 150°C.