Wood Oil - 500ml


SKU: 276774

Knife & Axe Wood oil is a solvent free, VOC free, food safe, all natural hemp oil that's excellent at providing a protective, water resistant finish on wooden knife handles and axe handles, but also paddles, canoe gunwhales, wooden spoons and cutting boards. Cleans up with soap and water. Made in Canada.

Protect your wooden tool handles, paddles, spoons, and more, with this solvent free, food safe all natural hemp oil. Knife & Axe's wood oil provides a water resistant finish, and adds a beautiful rich colour to your wood products. For bare wood, you can apply 1-3 coats as needed, and leave to cure in the sun. Any excess can be removed after 24 hours, and any accidental spills can easily be cleaned with soap and water. For further protection, follow with an application of Knife & Axe handle wax.


100% Made In Canada