Work Champ Knife (Boxed)


SKU: 237167

Large Pocket Knife with Metal Saw

Robust, rugged and ready for anything, the Work Champ is the ultimate portable tool chest. Capable of performing an impressive 21 functions, it’s a true workhorse-meets-champion hybrid that delivers tangible results wherever, whenever. From combination pliers, metal saw and file, wire stripper and wood saw to corkscrew, Phillips screwdriver and can opener, nothing blocks its path.

Key Features

  • The practical tool chest for sawing wood or metal, cutting wire and opening cans
  • Swiss made pocket knife with 21 functions
  • Includes pliers, a metal saw with metal file



Blade, large / Corkscrew / Mini screwdriver 1.5 mm / Can opener | Screwdriver 3 mm / Bottle opener, lockable | Screwdriver 7 mm | Wire stripper / Reamer, punch / Scissors / Wood saw / Metal saw | Metal file / Phillips screwdriver 0/1, long / Phillips screwdriver 1/2 / Combination pliers | Wire cutters | Wire crimper / Key ring / Tweezers / Toothpick / Screwdriver 7 mm / Combination pliers /


Height: 29 mm

Length: 111 mm

Width: 32 mm

Weight: 228 g


Item number: 0.8564

Material: Polyamide

Blade lockable: True

One hand blade: False

No. of features: 21

Colour: Red


This product is covered by Victorinox Lifetime warranty