Plant-based Protein Wafer Bar - Single


SKU: 280140

The plant-based XACT PROTEIN wafers in three original flavours. They taste so good XACT named them after their favourite desserts!

They use a mix of rice and pea protein and dairy-free, dark chocolate. The plant-based XACT PROTEIN wafers have 15 g protein and only 4 g sugar and are packed with all the Vitamin B complexes.

The crunchiest, lightest bite out there for post workout, training or racing.

  • Convenient: small size with everything you need post-workout
  • 15g of protein per bar
  • All the essential ingredients for muscular recovery after effort
  • Eat 1 bar within 30 minutes after completing your activity. 




2204 XACT Plant based PROTEIN Lemon Pie
2205 XACT Plant based PROTEIN Cinnamon cookie
2206 XACT Plant based PROTEIN Banoffee Pie