LINK Heart Rate Wristband - Slate


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The slate Mio Global LINK Wristband is a wrist-worn watch that provides continuous heart rate monitoring so that you can assess your training intensity in real-time. You won't need to wear a chest strap, just the watch. The LINK is tested to perform at 99% EKG accuracy even at speeds of up to 14.4 miles per hour. It's also water resistant so it can stand up to even the most intense workouts. You can select one of five heart rate zones for customization. Connect to your fitness apps and devices wirelessly via Bluetooth Smart 4.0 and ANT+ technology. The watch is designed to fit 4.8 - 6.9" wrists.

Mio Heart Rate Technology
LED lights and an electro-optical cell "sense" the volume of blood under the skin. From there, sophisticated algorithms are applied to the pulse signal so that the heart's true rhythm can be detected, even while running at performance speeds

Wireless Connectivity
Connect to your favorite mobile fitness apps like Endomondo Sports Tracker, RunKeeper, MapMyRun, adidas MiCoach, and more through Bluetooth Smart (4.0) technology and ANT+ technology

Accurate at High Speeds
During extensive testing against the top heart rate chest strap brands, Mio ALPHA consistently performed with 99% EKG accuracy, even while running at speeds of up to 14.4 miles per hour

Helps You Stay on Track
Heart rate training helps you train more efficiently and effectively, so you can optimize your performance and maximize your workout. Mio LINK offers up to five customizable heart rate zones with LED lights that can tell you which zone you're in at any given moment, so you can stay on track with your training goals

Comfort, Form, and Function
Mio LINK delivers performance and comfort. Its soft, durable silicon strap ensures a snug and comfortable fit - there's no need for a bulky chest strap either