Distance 1500 Headlamp

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Designed for fast-paced, overnight endurance pushes and moving through technical terrain at night, the Distance 1500 represents the pinnacle of headlamp technology. The Distance’s integrated PowerTap Technology boosts the light to the max setting of 1500 lumens for long-range terrain assessments or spotting trail markers. Constant-output programming provides continuous lighting, and the light’s engineered, multi-faceted lens provides smooth, reliable light that maintains depth perception without creating shadows or artifacts. The interchangeable, magnetic battery pack has enough capacity to last the entire night at a moderate setting and easily swaps one-handed without stopping when more power is needed. The Distance’s Comfort Cradle sits low and contours the head to eliminate bounce and features integrated cushioning for all-night comfort.  


  • PowerTap Technology boosts beam to max setting 1500 lumens (dims automatically after 10 seconds to save battery unless customized by user)

  • Constant output programming provides continuous light before dropping to reserve power mode

  • One full battery lasts 8 hours at 300 lumens; two full batteries last 8 hours at 600 lumens

  • Comfort Cradle provides contoured, bounce-free fit and dispersed padding and can be used with removeable top strap for additional security in technical terrain

  • Multifaceted optical lens design provides a combination of depth lighting to better spot obstacles and smooth, diffuse light for consistent visibility

  • Rechargeable, interchangeable magnetic battery pack can be quickly switched with one hand and features an integrated red rear flasher

  • Helmet compatible

  • Submersible IP67 waterproof rating

  • Rear red flasher

  • User-accessed PowerTap Technology in temperature control mode allows for max 1500 lumen output if environmental conditions allow for safe/functional operation

Tech Specs

IPX Rating

Max Burntime
40h (low)


213g w/o cord

BD620694 - Octane