Nisha Tight (Women's)

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  • Nisha is an Indian girls name meaning ‘Night’.
  • Produktcode SW23015

    Adding a little bit of interest to plain black leggings, the Nisha tight from outdoor adventure company Sherpa, also comes in a black cloud textured pattern and black floral print, like a tropical forest at night time. They’re practical too, made from a recycled polyester blend with loads of stretch and impregnated with HeiQ Fresh which keeps you feeling and smelling fresh all the time. As if by some kind of magic (read: technology) the treatment refreshes in the wash so you never have that thing where an item of clothing becomes permanently smelly, no matter how often you wash it. They’re moisture-wicking, quick drying and have two pockets for key and phone. Or ticket and money. Or whatever you want to stick in there. Brilliant for active wear, cute enough to wear all the time