Slick Urban Hybrid Tire - 29 x 2.20

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SKU: 241062
Slick is the ideal tire for year-round, all-weather commuters. Simple and dependable, the Slick is an affordable tire that gets the job done without unnecessary frill. Choose the Slick when you need to get from point A to point B without any hiccups along the way.
USAGE: Urban

Provides maximium efficiency while also smoothing out the ride on a variety of surfaces ranging from smooth concrete to broken pavement. Tread is less important on the centerline of the tire where the weight of the rider is pushing in a downward direction rather than the cornering forces that occur at the outer edges of a tire.

Angled grooves at the outer edges of the tread increase cornering traction and while also providing channels for water evacuation. These grooves allow the Slick to excel in adverse weather conditions while also providing additional traction on the occasional broken concrete or dirt path.

The centerline of a tire always wears the quickest, which is another reason why the Slick features a smooth section of thick rubber. Minimzing the amount of texture within the centerline extends the lifespan of the tire by increasing the amount of rubber that needs to be worn away before the tire is replaced.

Combines the lightweight efficiency of a single-ply casing with the dependability of a wire bead. Wire bead tires are designed to be used with a tube and therefore are not tubeless compatible.